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Thurso Camera Club
Welcome to the most northerly Photographic club on the UK mainland.
The club has an  increasing number of members who participate in and enjoy various forms of photography.
The club meets at 7:00pm (for 7:30pm) on the first & third Mondays of each month  from September through to April.

The club offers a warm welcome to anyone interested in photography, regardless  of skill level or format used.

Club events are listed on the Diary Page.
60th Anniversary - Club Members
60tn Anniversary Club Members
Objective of the Club
The furtherance of multi media photographic art  and technique among amateur workers and others; by exchanging friendly ideas and  mutual assistance among members as well as organising, holding and participating  in lectures, presentations, demonstrations, exhibitions, competitions, field  trips, training events and such like.
North Highland Challenge

The North Highland Challenge is a competition held between camera clubs in the North of Scotland.
All clubs enter ten pictures in various categories which are then scrutinised by a judge and the winners selected in each category.
Studio Sessions

During the winter the club holds studio sessions at it's regular meetings.
These vary between Still Life & Portrait sessions.
Outside Events

During the summer and on some dark evenings during the winter the club members meet and go to a chosen location to photograph different areas and subjects in the county of Caithness.
A Selection of Members Pictures

Alex Henderson - Real Life Superheroes

1st_Alex Henderson_Real life superheroes.jpg

Ally MacKechnie - Making a Splash

1st_Ally_MacKechnie_Making A Splash.jpg

Billy Husband - Ollie


Jean Mackay - Ivy


Julie Catterall - Purple Petal Patterns

1st_equal_Purple Petal Patterns_Julie_Catterall.jpg

Julie Catterall - Feathering the Nest

1st_Feathering the nest_Julie_Catterall_.jpg

James Gunn - Honey Maker

1st_honey maker_James_Gunn.jpg

Alex Henderson - Love Stone

1st_Love stone_Alex_Henderson.jpg

Alex Henderson - Spice Up Your Life

1st_Spice up your life_Alex_Henderson.jpg

Alex Henderson - Suture and Embrace

1st_Suture and embrace_Alex_Henderson.jpg

James Gunn - Tulip Crown

1st_Tulip crown_james_gunn.jpg

Alex Henderson - Fire glows, water flows and love is a red rose

2nd_Alex_Henderson_Fire glows, water flows and love is a red rose.jpg

Bob Murdoch - Bulls Eye

2nd_Bob_Murdoch_bulls eye.jpg

Jane Foster - Lego Sweet Mining


Julie_Catterall - Wot, No Cabbage!

2nd_equal_Wot, no cabbage!_Julie_Catterall.jpg

Alex_Henderson - You're stayin' alive, stayin' alive


Alex Henderson - Have You Ever Seen the Rain

2nd_Have you ever seen the rain_alex_henderson.jpg

Neil Buchan - Orange Tape

2nd_orange tape_neil_buchan.JPG

Jean Mackay - Spring Flowers

2nd_spring flowers_Jean_Mackay.jpg

Neil Buchan - Come and get it

2ndequal_Come and get it_neil_buchan.JPG

James Gunn - Gerston Millstone


James Gunn - Just Chilling

3rd_just chilling_James_Gunn.jpg

Neil Buchan - Lichovid 19


Neil Holden - Seaview near Staxigoe Harbour

3rd_Neil_Holden_seaview near staxigoe harbour.jpg

Bob Murdoch - Bertie Bassett

4th_Bob_Murdoch_Bertie Bassett.jpg

Colin Campbell - Citrus Burst

4th_Citrus Burst_colin_campbell_.jpg

Neil Holden - St Fergus Spire

4th_St Fergus spire_Neil_Holden.jpg

Tony Beck - Ben Hope from Tongue

Ben Hope from Tongue_tony_beck.jpg

Julie Catterall - Bucholie Castle, Caithness

Bucholie Castle, Caithness_julie_catterall.jpg

James Gunn - Dunbeath Castle


Julie Catterall - Duncansby Stacks, Caithness

Duncansby Stacks, Caithness_julie_catterall.jpg

James Gunn - Forss Falls


Gareth Watkins - John O Groats

John O Groats_gareth_watkins.jpg

Andrew Simpson - Keiss Castle

keiss_castle_Andrew_Simpson (2).jpg

Gareth Watkins - Kinbrace

Kinbrace_gareth_watkins - Copy.jpg

Jane Foster - Pirates Cave Strathy Beach


Gareth Watkins - Portskerra Northern Lights

Portskerra Northern Lights_gareth_watkins.jpg

Jane Foster - Rabbit Islands


Jane Foster - Sea Breeze Soaring


James Gunn - Sir Johns Square

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